Monday, January 5, 2009

Why Indiana and Indianapolis sucks! Mean, old-school, backward, racist, cold, anti-social people

I have been living in this slice of hell state called Indiana for the last one year and seven months. Two years coming this June. Anyhow, I'm from the West coast, have lived in Seattle, Hawaii, the Bay Area, lost angeles (that's another story) and a stint on the East Coast in New Jersey. I have bad stories to tell about those other places I have lived in. But nothing trumps shittiness compared to where I'm currently living - Indianapolis, IN. OMG. I can't believe this is a "city!!" LOL! This is more like a small DINKY city with dinky 40-storied buildings (skyscrappers to hoosiers who have not travelled outside this boony state) and a shitload of suburbs clumped together. I am also surprised that people here are mean spirited, cold, uncaring, racist, xenophobic, old-school, backwards, retarded, and the list goes on. Indianapolis, or what I or other people who dislike this "city" say - India-no-place or naptown, is so bleh, boring. This is such a boring city that people want to take long naps throughout the day. No kidding. In fact I get so bored, not being entertained by the shitty theaters and the one and only Castleton Square Mall that can't entertain a guy like me.

I also want to add that people here drive like fuccen idiots! I swear! They don't know how to stay in their own lanes. I don't know about you fellow hoosiers here, but whenever I'm driving on the 465 or the 70 freeway or even the 65 freeway, there always tend to be a stupid hoosier who's driving across the dividing line into my lane!! Why?!! I don't know. I honk at those kind of drivers to get them to stay awake or to get them to pay a damn attention to how they're driving. Funny thing is those idiots usually honk their horns back at me in unison as if I've done something wrong myself. What retards. Honking your horn here is considered "rude." LOL! But heck, what can I do when your typical Indiana resident don't have enough gray matter in their cranial cavity to drive an automobile!

I also dislike the shitty weather here. Sooo damn humid AND HOT during the summer time! Hot like 94F on average in June and July and into late September sometimes. And on top of that crazy hot temperature is crazy high humidity. then during the winter time, it gets so cold that sometimes my hands will beging to get numb if I leave them out in the cold air. Talk about pure potential risk of getting frostbites! Yeah, every damn winter time, I always get severely dried skin, and they become very itchy. Even Vaseline or Aveeno lotion don't even help me! There are also stupid laws here as well. one is you cannot, yes you got that right, cannot purchase alcoholic beverages here in Indiana on Sundays. Why? Because it's church day. Heck, I go to chruch, and I'm a Christian. But this kind of law is very stupid. In addition, a lot of hoosiers still tend to smoke a lot of cigarette. People here in Indiana are NOT health-conscious people. Compare to Seattle or Hawaii where I used to live where people exercise, try to stay away from becoming alcoholics and eat healthy food. None of this Steak and Shake shit, or hamburgers and shake, or fries and fried garbage food. I never eat or try not to eat out at any american fast food joints.

I stay traditional and order take outs from Sushi restaurants, Korean restaurants or eat at Thai restaurants. Lastly, the people here are mean-spirited, rude, and racist. Hoosier hospitality my ass. If you have blonde hair, and blue eyes, then yeah, you'll get treated nicely here. But if you're a minority, esp. like me who's originally from Hong-Kong, then people will talk rudely to you, raise their voice, and talk loudly. They'll ask stupid question like "do you speak Japanese?" when my fucking lastname is Chinese. Everything Asian here is "Japanese." Fucking jap-phile hoosiers. The locals here are predominantly white or black people, but mostly snotty, cold, uncaring fucked up whites of german or jewish crooked nosed ancestry. There is a smatter of hispanics living on the West and East side of town, but I only see them when I go shopping at a huge Korean/international supermarket on the West side of town. The whites here think that they're smarter than you, esp if you're a non-white, when in fact, these white losers can't even compete with the smarter and brighter people from California or Boston or New York.
They like to talk loud, rub things in your face (i.e." oh wow Charles! At least I have a BMW car!" - yeah fuck you) when you don't drive a decent car, did something wrong or don't act accordingly to typical hoosiers here. All about rubbing things into your face figuratively to make them look good, and to make you look bad. Whatever, because I usually smirk at these kind of smart ass dipshits.

Indy is full of fat, redneck, steak and shake chugging/munching, harley davidson riding punks. Like I've said, they talk rudely to you, don't even look at you, don't want to even say a simple hi to you, etc. The list goes on about the losers of India-no-place. I even had white losers here who don't even hold the door open for me. Maybe if I had a blonde wig on and fake blue eyed contact lens on, maybe these german or jew hoosiers would help me out. Overall, hoosier hospitality for you only if you're white living in the boondocks or a black person living in either west, south or east indy area. Other than that, you're just a foreigner.

Indiana peeps are bunch of faggots. In fact tonight, I was walking out from the gym, and this white punk kept spitting while walking behind me. So I turned around and said "what, you got fucking problem?!!" That punk didn't talk back to me. Rather, he briskly walked pass me and I spit back at him. Booyahz! That's what your typical hoosier guy is. Spit like losers, act tough like they have a chip on their shoulder, but when they find out my friends and I can speak English, or when confronted to a brawl, they back down. I would have clocked that punk too.

I also want to rant about how backward and non-developmental these hoosier people are. They don't want a railway system. They rely on shitty transportation system such as the city bus. Wow. The people here also don't have a decent recycling system where you can get compensated for turning in aluminum cans or plastic soda bottles. It's all about throwing things away - pretty much the old fashioned way. Unlike in states such as California where I used to get ten cents per plastic bottle I recycled, or five cents for every soda cans or soda bottles I recycled in Hawaii. Whenever you make suggestions of changes to the idiots of Indiana, esp if you're a non-white person, another white hoosier always says "no." Yeah fuck you. Oh, and it's so hilarious how hoosiers like to mock Kentucky. In fact, I found Kentucky to be more clean, and the folks there treated me like a human being, and were very cordial.

Anyhow, no wonder companies and non-hoosier businesses don't want to stay here any more. Glad that Chrysler's automobile plants closed down in kokomo. Good riddance. gov mitch daniels can get off his chariot and start looking to other job industries to boost Indiana's economy rather than relying on shitty american cars to employ people here.

Thank God I only have several more years of grad school left in this slice of hell.

Oh, yeah, I forgot to add that the Indiana university system is a circus! They are so nazi and strict when it comes to giving non-resident in-state tuition. In order to get in-state tuition, you have to have come to this slice of hell called Indiana for work or non-educational purposes, prior to entering any academic program in this slice of hell in mid america. LOL! Who the hell is going to come here to solely work for a low-wage job in Indiana when you can get paid higher wages in cities like NYC, LA, Atlanta, Chicago??!! Are these IU regents kidding me? Maybe it's time for IU president and the regents and whoever the hell is or are in charge of granting in-state tuition to non-residents to follow the steps of states like Texas, Connecticut, Massachusetts and LOL even the "other" college called Purdue University. See, Purdue University, although I'm not a student at their university, is a prime example of what IU and other dimwit IU branch (i.e. IUPUI, IPFW, etc..) colleges here should strive to be. No wonder Hoosier football and basketball is such a fuking joke! Purdue ripped the hoosier's another a$$hole in the 2008 rivalry football game! And hoosier basketball is no longer the glitz and glamour that they once used to have attached to their name.

Okie doks. Time to get off my ranting soap box and call it a day living in india-no-place. Whew!